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The Command and Conquer franchise has seen a bit of a lull over the last few years. Once a Titan in the Real Time Strategy(RTS) genre, the franchise has languished a bit while EA has figured out what to do with it.

However, this appears to have changed with the reveal of Command and Conquer Rivals at E3 2018.

EA decided to wheel out a pair of competitive gamers from the RTS(iNControl) and mobile gaming(nickatnyte) spaces to demo the new game. After a bit of a rough start from a crowd enthusiasm standpoint, the demo moves into the actual game-play portion.

Command and Conquer Rivals E3 Live Gameplay Demo

Unlike the previous installations, this game is meant to be played on touch based mobile devices. This means that there will be much a much smaller map, and a much lower skill ceiling compared to other games in the franchise.

I think it is safe to say that this is not what fans hoping for the resurrection of the franchise were looking for.

The game itself seems pretty competent as far as mobile games go. However, once you strip away the C&C paint, it is just a grid based version of Rock, Paper, Scissors like so many other mobile games around it.

However, I have to give credit where credit is due. I appreciate the fact that the game seems to be structured in a way that will make pay-to-win micro-transactions difficult to sell. The game seems fairly tightly balanced, so any opportunities to buy power will likely be met with extreme outrage from the player base.

My prediction is the newest installation of the series will have a decent run early on. The short play sessions are definitely ideal for the bite sized experience format prevalent in mobile games today. However, despite its strong franchise ties, I expect Command and Conquer Rivals will be forgotten the moment both players get off the toilet.

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