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I’m not going to lie, I totally forgot about Rage. I played through a good portion of the game back in 2012, and then abruptly stopped playing it.

To be honest I’m not completely sure why. My memories of Rage were that it had a competent driving system, solid gunplay, and fabulous graphics. There was that little snafu with AMD graphics cards, but those of us who were able to run the game were treated to an at least above average experience.

Oh wait now I remember why I stopped, it was because I happened to discover Mount and Blade: Warband right when I started Rage, and that ended up consuming my life. Like many games out there it just happened to be a victim of bad personal timing.

Fortunately for me, I still have Rage in my Steam libarary, and there is a sequel coming up compelling me to pick up the original title. For those of you that remember, the good people at Walmart did us the service of leaking the fact that Rage was getting a sequel. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Bethesda released the gameplay trailer shortly after.

Rage 2 Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

With the leaks plugged, Bethesda managed to run a pretty tight ship until their official press conference at E3 2018. Once the conference started, they were quick to show a fairly lengthy gameplay demo featuring a legitimately exciting sample of gameplay.

RAGE 2: E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

Rage 2 appears to utilize the colorful but manic aesthetic created by its predecessor. The vehicle combat looks as crisp as ever, and the gun-play looks immensely satisfying.

Another observation from the trailer was that the use of cover seemed to be somewhat of an afterthought. While I am sure the higher difficulties will feature a fair amount of pavement sucking, it is encouraging to see that a lot of in game challenges can be solved with more aggressive shooting.

I wish I could offer more insight beyond “this game looks like a good time shooting things”, but really that is all I gathered from the E3 demo. The original game actually featured a fair bit of weapon customization, vehicle customization, mini-games, and fun little easter eggs.

One area that the original Rage game fell a bit short was on the story front. If I have one major item on my wish list it is that they make their story a bit less cookie cutter.

If I am allowed to have a second request, it is the inclusion of couch co-op mode. I feel like couch co-op FPS have been going the way of the dodo lately, and Rage 2 could be an opportunity to scratch that particular itch. While I’m sure they want to avoid looking like a borderlands clone, co-op was one of their competitors strongest features, and they would be silly to not include it in their title.

However, assuming that Rage 2 follows the same formula of its predecessor, I think that this will be a somewhat risky purchase upon release. However, as always don’t purchase anything until you know more about the final product.

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