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One game that really caught my attention at E3 2018 was Sea of Solitude. The game itself has an outright depressing aesthetic, and the details revealed by the trailer and presentation reinforce this feeling of hopelessness.

E3 2018 Sea of Solitude Reveal Trailer

In the Sea of Solitude universe, when humans get too lonely, they eventually turn into monsters. The protagonist of Sea of Solitude “Kay” is fighting intense feelings of loneliness, which manifests by turning her into a creature built by negative emotions associated with being alone.

The ultimate goal of the game is to help Kay face these emotions, and eventually turn her back into a human.

Built on Emotion

The creative process for this game seems genuinely heartfelt. Once the presenter Cornelia Geppert from Jo-Mei Games was able to catch her breath, she spoke to how she wrote the story for Sea of Solitude when she was at the “loneliest point of her life.”

From what I can tell it seems like the team around was able to channel this emotion as well, because the visuals for the game look both haunting and beautiful.

Unfortunately, very little of the actual game play was revealed. My inference is that the game is going to feature a fair amount of exploration. The game appears to be played from a 3rd person perspective, and the trailer shows Kay rowing boats, jumping off buildings, and jumping across floating platforms in the water.

Despite this lack of information, I have high hopes that the story component will be able to make up for any mechanical deficiencies the game might have.

Check out the full E3 2018 presentation via of Gamespot.

Full Sea of Solitude E3 Presentation

This game is very high up on my list of games to watch coming out of E3. Much like Unravel Two, I think this game has some serious Gateway Game potential.

I am cautiously optimistic about this one, and look forward to finding out more details moving forward.

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