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During the Indie portion of the EA Play presentation one of the highlights for me was the soon to be released Indie Platformer called Unravel Two.

Unravel 2 Official Reveal Trailer

The presentation featured a pair of adorable characters made entirely of yarn. However, despite the cutesy characters, the game actually begins with a fairly dark tone.

The demo begins with a destitute red colored yarn man washing up on shore. Things are looking bleak but eventually a similar looking blue yarned friend enters the scene. The two become fast friends, tie their yarns together, and their spark for adventure is rekindled.

You are able to play the game both alone or in co-op. When playing by yourself you essentially pick up the other character and carry them around until needed. Once you come across a puzzle section you can use a button to switch between characters as needed, much like indie platformer Thomas Was Alone.

When playing with another character you are able to move independently, and perform co-operative maneuvers using the yarn tying the characters together.

From an aesthetic stand point this game seems like a cross between Little Big Planet and Limbo. It is colorful and playful, but has a very bleak atmosphere that makes the events on screen seem more desperate. To me this juxtaposition is one of the great strengths from the demo.

Unravel 2 Demo

This is a title I definitely plan to keep my eye on. Seems like a strong candidate for a Gateway Game as well!

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