About Us

The G^G team consists of myself(Weems) and my wonderful fiancee(Meesh).

This website is a product of our desire to push back against the notion that growing up means you can’t enjoy the hobbies you had when you were young. In fact, we want to put the idea that playing games is a childish hobby to rest.

Despite our growing list of commitments, we have managed to keep the our favorite hobbies alive. However, we have noticed over time many of our friends “falling off the fun wagon” so to speak over the years.

We aim to reverse that. In this website we write about ways to get new people into gaming, and ways we changed our relationship with gaming to fit into our busy life styles.

Some people choose to view growing up as the end of their spirited youth. We chose to grow up and game instead.

NOTICE: You might notice that much of the D&D content is nearly exactly the same as the content that used to be on questionablyqualified.com. This is because Weems from G^G and Weems from QQ are the same person. This website is simply my solo-album to Truck and my’s Questionably Qualified band. The QQ team is still alive and kicking, so I encourage you the check in there from time to time for our collaborative works.