Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 22: Baptism of Fire

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Chapter 21 - Nest of Vipers
Chapter 22 - Baptism of Fire
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The table is set, and the battle begins. Henry takes on his role as an archer in the battle for Pribyslavitz. Afterwards he might need to use his skills as a scribe to explain why so many of his allies got shot in the back.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 22: Baptism of Fire

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
0:30Taking Inventory – (Gameplay)
2:54Speaking to Sir Divish – (Gameplay)
4:33Coming up with a battle plan – (Gameplay)
6:43The battle beings – (Gameplay)
7:56Wave 1 – (Combat)
8:28Wave 2 – (Combat)
9:50Moving the cart – (Cutscene)
10:19Killing the archers – (Combat)
13:09Breaching the inner wall – (Combat)
15:16Ramming the final gate – (Combat)
16:42Where is my sword? – (Cutscene)
18:22Fighting Runt – (Combat)
19:47Stripping Runt nekkid??? – (Gameplay)
20:28Finishing off(a fully clothed) Runt – (Cutscene)
24:12Give the word – (Cutscene)
24:44Back in Rattay – (Gameplay)
28:18Outro – (Monologue)

Mass Combat

Finally, a proper battle!

I’m going to be honest, I hope that the game features a lot more encounters where I am not the only one fighting moving forward. There are a lot of interesting characters in the fold now, and typically when the game gives me the opportunity to fight with them, I get even more invested in them. Granted in this particular fight at Pribyslavitz I was only fighting along-side nameless and faceless soldiers, but in this case that didn’t take away from the overall experience.

Another major benefit of fighting along-side others is it gives the player the opportunity to be something other than a melee fighter. Unfortunately in KCD that “something else” is more or less limited to archery, but any change is good change so I took the opportunity to switch things up a bit.

Other than a few incidents where I may or may not have shot my own troops in the back… I really enjoyed the change of pace! I was still able to participate in melee combat, my damage throughput felt high, and I was able to take down targets at range. At this point with the excessive amount of hunting I have done my archery skill is already quite good, which help limit the frustration of arrows not going where I was expecting them to go.

Another I thing I did that wasn’t business as usual was getting into potion usage a bit. I chugged a Bowman’s Brew prior to the battle, and an Artemisia potion once I was able to catch a breather within the keep. Given that my stats were already pretty high going into this fight, I’m not sure how much it was actually needed, but I definitely felt like I was kicking out A LOT of damage as a result of the buff stacking.

Once Radzig’s troops were finally able to breach the inner walls, the battle culminated with a duel between Henry and Runt. I’ve heard that this fight can be fairly difficult if you aren’t prepared, but at this point in my playthrough Henry was pretty stacked, so the fight was kind of a joke. In fact, once I was able to land a headcracker proc that knocked Runt out cold, and steal all of his armor… the conclusion of the fight was LITERALLY a joke.

I’ll admit the gravity of what was taking place was lessened somewhat by the fact that I had stripped Runt naked before killing him, but even so the battle itself has been on of the highlights of my playthrough thus far. Furthermore, the cutscenes at the end of the battle are absolutely thickening up the plot, and I look forward to seeing what the game has in store for us moving forward!

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