Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 21: Nest of Vipers

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Chapter 21 - Nest of Vipers
Chapter 22 - Baptism of Fire
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Now that he’s had his fill of side-gigs, Henry gets back to the main event. It is time to find the whoresons who killed his people, and most importantly, that took his father’s sword.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 21: Nest of Vipers

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
1:15Riding to Merhojed – (Gameplay)
4:24Talking to Timmy – (Gameplay)
8:28Riding to Radzig’s camp – (Gameplay)
9:15Speaking to Sir Radzig – (Gameplay)
12:40Riding to Talmburg – (Gameplay)
15:09Riding towards the camp – (Gameplay)
16:33Friendly fire? – 3 bandits 3 guards – (Combat)
17:45Might as well loot while we are here… – (Gameplay)
23:06Continuing my search for the camp – (Gameplay)
29:40Arriving at Pribyslavitz – (Gameplay)
33:18Skirmish outside of town – 2 Cumans – (Combat)
35:50The battle continues – 2 Bandits – (Combat)
40:10Scouting Pribyslavitz – (Gameplay)
42:45One more straggler – 1 Bandit – (Combat)
44:28Riding back to camp – (Gameplay)
48:42Reporting to Sir Radzig’s camp – (Gameplay)
52:10Riding back to Talmburg – (Gameplay)
53:51Outro – (Monologue)

The Perils of The Let’s Play

Thus far I believe that this Let’s Play has been pretty genuine. By and large you have seen my “on the spot” reaction to what is taking place in game, with very little pre-planning or scripting. While there have been a few instances of me “blowing a take” and needing to restart, this pretty much always happens within the first 5-10 minutes of a recording, and anything beyond that is 100% all-natural.

This episode was no different, but I’ll be honest this is the first time I wish it wasn’t.

The climax of this episode takes place at the bandit/cumin base. My mission is to scout out the base, and sabotage the base if possible. While the scouting was pretty easy, figuring out how to get inside and sabotage their food and arrows was considerably more difficult. I ended up bailing out because I didn’t know how many Cumans I would ultimately be dealing with, and didn’t want to “blow the take” so late into the episode, so after a couple of rounds of combat with the locals, I made myself scarce.

Had I NOT been recoding a video, the way I played this scenario out would have been very different. For starters, the first thing I probably would have done is ride straight into the base to get an idea of what the troop situation is. Is it just a fraction of the base’s total population? Do enemies spawn as alarms are rung? Once I got an idea of the troops I could then find the sabotage objectives, and figure out a basic plan of how to reach it. Then I would re-load the game and give it as many attempts as needed to accomplish every objective.

This type of play that is more experimental in nature is how I typically play games. While that style is definitely very fun for me, I worry that it wouldn’t be very fun for the viewer. Not only could it possibly pad the length of each episode a great deal, but the stakes of a given episode are a lot lower if the viewer knows I am just going to keep pressing re-load every time I don’t get exactly what I want. While I am aware that there are times that I definitely have re-loaded the game while recording, it is something I try to avoid as much as possible.

That all being said, I kind of wish I gave charging inside one attempt during this episode. If I limited myself to 1 retry, it could have resulted in me completing the sabotage objectives on the second attempt, and maybe even resulted in me pulling off a successful hair-raising first attempt. Instead what you got was a less exciting attempt at the quest where I play things safe, and while I am successful, it isn’t hugely interesting.

I have to remember that I am still a relative newbie when it comes to lets plays, so I imagine my approach will evolve over time. At the end of the day, I am still very much enjoying the process of creating the content, which I think drives the quality of the final product far more than quibbling around with the play-style of the let’s play.

If you have ideas around how I can improve my videos, please reach out to me on twitter via @GrowUpAndGame.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day, week, month, year, and life!

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