Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 17: On The Scent

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Armed with new information, Henry searches through the local hills and forests for his missing man.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 17: On The Scent

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
0:31Night ride to Ledetchko – (Gameplay)
4:37Investigating Ledetchko – (Gameplay)
9:44Talking to Reeky’s dad – (Gameplay)
13:22A quick chat with Adela – (Gameplay)
15:37Another chat with the Innkeeper – (Gameplay)
18:02The ride to Reeky’s hiding spot – (Gameplay)
28:06Reeky’s hiding spot – (Gameplay)
28:21A man and his deer – (Cutscene)
29:18A chat with Reeky – (Gameplay)
35:45Runt’s men approach – (Cutscene)
36:37Fighting Runt’s men(3 bandits) – (Combat)
38:20Turning Reeky in to Rattay – (Gameplay)
40:04Running errands in Rattay – (Gameplay)
43:06Riding to the windmill – (Gameplay)
47:20Searching for Timmy – (Gameplay)
49:28The other people looking for Timmy – (Cutscene)
49:57Trying to talk down Morcock – (Gameplay)
51:54Boring conversation anyways…(4 bandits) – (Combat)
53:36Cleaning up and riding to Talmburg – (Gameplay)
57:58Lady of the castle wants me again? – (Gameplay)
58:23Some closing tasks – (Gameplay)
1:00:15Outro – (Monologue)

A True Test of Navigation

I gotta say, hardcore mode really shined during this quest.

After the initial investigation, you are given 3 potential locations to investigate. Not only does the game not tell you the correct location to go to, but many of the locations are deep in the woods with no discernable nearby landmarks. Finding your way to any of these points of interests requires a combination of map-reading and sense-of-direction.

In my case I was fortunate enough to have the first location I visited be the correct one. Based on the information that was presented by the various villagers, particularly the hint about freshly chopped fire-wood given by Adela, I figured the location near the wood-cutters camp was the most likely choice.

Even though I was able to deduce the correct location, finding my way to the cave was a real challenge! I ended up wandering around a fair bit until I found an “interesting site” on the river that helped point me in the right direction. Once I made it in the cave, the rest of the segment was pretty straight-forward. Combat with some bandits, and eventually convincing Reeky to turn himself in. Unfortunately, when I turned Reeky in the game teleported me to Rattay, which I supposed makes sense because Henry would have had to escort him there. However, that at least gave me the opportunity to hawk some wares before heading back on the trail.

Morcock Is Always Causing Problems

Where things got interesting again was when I had to track down another person named Timmy at a windmill. The tracking process was easy enough since unlike the cave, the windmill wasn’t buried deep in the woods, but this next segment required had some trickier decision making.

I was able to convince the people at the windmill to tell me Timmy’s location, but as that happens a group of thugs approach and try to coax the information out of me. The bandits initially offered me more work if I helped them find Timmy, but after failing to send them on a wild goose chase, I decided the prudent move would be to put them in the dirt before they caused me any more trouble.

Fortunately I was MASSIVELY over-geared for the fight, so even though I made a few mistakes I was able take them out easily. One of the thugs ran away, but the main bad guy the aptly named Morcock actually ended up surrendering to me. For a split-second my humanity kicked in and I thought about sparing him, but then I remembered the whole point of the fight was tying up loose-ends, so I tied them up. Now I’m just hoping the guy who ran off doesn’t cause me more problems further down the road…

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