Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 19: At Your Service My Lady

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Chapter 19 - At Your Service My Lady
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Henry does the Tour de Bohemia for Lady Stephanie of Talmburg in record time!

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 19: At Your Service, My Lady

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
2:00Talking to Lady Stephanie – (Gameplay)
4:09Plotting our course – (Gameplay)
5:20Riding to Uzhitz – (Gameplay)
7:58Speaking to the Head Groom – (Gameplay)
9:49Talking to Vashek – (Gameplay)
11:10Singing to a Horse and riding to Talmburg – (Gameplay)
13:30Riding to Rattay – (Gameplay)
20:15The wine merchant – (Gameplay)
22:15Archery Competition! – (Gameplay)
24:32Riding to Sassau – (Gameplay)
31:09Speaking to Master Jerome – (Gameplay)
32:54Searching for Martin Viezek – (Gameplay)
35:00A bloody trail into the woods – (Gameplay)
35:28The scene of the crime – 2 Bandits – (Combat)
36:17Loot and Moldavite – (Gameplay)
39:00Master Jerome is slow and rude – (Gameplay)
41:24Matthew and Fritz!? – (Gameplay)
44:20Killing time – (Gameplay)
51:00Picking up the crown and riding off – (Gameplay)
57:00Turning in Lady Stephanie – (Gameplay)
1:00:34Outro – (Monologue)

Fetch Quests

At this point, the game has already had its fair share of fetch quests, but this one really took the cake. We had to hit basically every corner of map minus the ruins of Skalitz to finish this one off, but we managed to do so in record time!

In my opinion the design of this quest varies from somewhat inspired to kind of lazy.

The high-point for me was definitely Henry singing to a horse. It was entertaining and did a good enough job of masking the fact that I am just riding my horse between points.

My second favorite part was tracking down the trader bringing the moldavite for the crown. It did involve a bit of problem solving, especially on hardcore mode, to find his whereabouts. The game did a good job of using an environmental cue in the form a of trail of blood originating from a merchant cart going into the woods to tip the player off. From there it was a straight-forward combat encounter, but the path there was definitely interesting.

Finally, getting the wine just involved winning an archery contest. While it was definitely a more challenging contest than the first required contest with Hans Capon, it does feel like this part was rushed together. On the one hand I understand making games takes a great deal of time and materials and I appreciate the designers leveraging the games existing systems, but compared to the other two legs of this quest it was a bit lack-luster.

I’m under the impression that this was largely a low-level quest, so I can definitely understand why it was relatively simple. Funnily enough, the part that is probably most likely to trip people up is the Archery competition. I am not half bad at shooting(and Henry’s skill level is quite good) and I cut it pretty close. Outside of that part the rest of the quest was as straight forward as talking to the right people and going where the quest told you to go. Maybe tracking down the merchant might be tricky for some too, but I didn’t feel like it was particularly difficult to find him.

In the end, it wasn’t my favorite quest, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lady Stephanie, and I have a feeling things might get a bit more… heated with her depending on how my cards are played.

I wonder what her husband thinks of all of this…

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