[G^G] November 2020 Update – Life Comes At You Fast

Hi there.

It’s been about a year and a half since my last post. At this point I’m sure many of you have pretty much written this website off as dead, and quite frankly I can’t blame you if you did. Now as much as I wish I could leave a witty post here saying that “G^G’s death has been greatly exaggerated”, I can’t write off the fact that after this post the site might go dormant again. What I can do however, is offer you an explanation is to what I have been doing this entire time to maybe give you some context around what can cause this(and really any) blog to go cold for so long.

So let’s get into it.

Wedding Bliss

Weddings can be complicated, and intercultural marriages are even more complicated. So when Meesh and I were tasked with coming up with a wedding itinerary that was Indian enough to satisfy her Gujarati family, and Catholic enough for my family, we had to get creative. The end product was a multi-day affair that included a henna party, a puja, an indian wedding ceremony, a christian blessing, and finally an open bar wedding reception.

I am happy to report that not only did Meesh and I get married, but the event itself went pretty much perfectly. All attendees had a great time, and new bonds were created between both families that have only continued to grow since then.


After our honeymoon I made a conscious decision to stop posting for a bit. The main drivers for this decision were to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wedding being behind us, and free up more time to really focus on my career which was starting to grow by leaps and bounds.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a data engineer by trade. Shortly after returning from my wedding I found myself in a position to take on additional responsibility in growing my employer’s cloud technologies practice. This was an opportunity that was too good to squander, so as a result I sidelined my efforts on this website indefinitely, and really dug my heels in at work.

However, some 18 months later my conditions and employer have changed, and I might be picking up the (metaphorical) pen once again.


After many many long months working nights and weekends, I have officially hit a point in my career where I feel comfortable taking my foot off the gas. While I still(and always will) have much to learn professionally, I believe I enough depth and breadth of skills to more or less guarantee my ability to stay employed moving forward, and guarantee I have the means to provide for my family. While I do love my job, I am definitely more of a “work to live” type of person, and I feel it is time to adopt that lifestyle once again.

As a result, I have officially decided to breath some new life into this website.

While I haven’t worked out the specifics yet, what I can tell you is that I will likely be taking down some of my old “incomplete” material, and standing up entire new sections of the website. I expect things like my D&D content to stay up as is, but don’t expect much new content there. I am definitely interested in creating more Youtube material, and even made some hardware purchases to help facilitate that.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that my new employer is actually a company in the gaming business. I hope to be able to reveal which one at some point, but first I need to develop a complete understanding of the safeguards and disclaimers I need to apply to the website and Youtube channel before doing so.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been a crazy 18 months, but I hope this post signals the beginning of what has been one of the biggest passion projects of my life. While I acknowledge there is a very real chance that this all fizzles out in the near future, I am genuinely feeling more motivated and creative than I have in a long time, so hopefully this new energy can set new and exciting things in motion.

I truly do appreciate everyone who has still been visiting the site, and hope to find new and exciting ways to entertain and engage with you in the near future.

But until then, stay tuned…

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or thoughts about life, or whatever; feel free to reach out to me on Twitter via @GrowUpAndGame!

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