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The homebrew world of Tanius is the fictional continent where our D&D Campaign Journal takes place. The campaign itself takes place in a “High Magic” setting where magic is common, but not completely ubiquitous.

Tanius is also fairly advanced technologically. Clockwork contraptions originating from Sixun can be found all over the continent. Although powerful magic items are rarely for sale, adventurers can often find mechanically augmented pieces of equipment on the market in their stead.

A map of Tanius along with descriptions of its various regions can be found below.

 This map was created using  Inkarnate . This map was created using Inkarnate .

The Red River

Location: Middle region spanning the eastern half of the continent
Denizens: Humans, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Halflings, Half-Orcs
Climate: Temperate
Cities: Endgar

Regional Lore: The vast majority of trade throughout Tanius moves along the Red River. The river flows between the continent’s two largest cities, resulting in a fair amount of banditry along its more remote stretches. Despite the occasional outlaw, it is largely considered the safest way to move around Tanius as long as you have an appropriate security detail.

Endgar: About 80 years prior to the events of this campaign, Endgar was settled by a group of Dragonborn and Tiefling refugees looking to escape persecution in the continent to the east. These outcasts were able to quickly build Endgar using resources from The Stormbreak Mountains and The Wyldwood. Eventually the Endgarians discovered an extremely large mineral deposit below the city, the mining of which hastened their consumption of local resources. This angered the nearby Dwarven and Elven kingdoms, and as tensions grew, native groups surrounded Endgar in a show of force to discourage further intrusions. During this time, an incident known as the Battle of the Red River demonstrated to both sides that a true war would be too costly to bear. Diplomatic efforts resulted in the creation of a council to oversee the mining efforts, with the resulting wealth distributed amongst the kingdoms of Tanius. The ensuing spike of economic activity quickly made Endgar the de facto capitol of the continent.

Stormbreak Mountains

Location: Northeast region of the continent Tanius
Denizens: Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes
Climate: Temperate towards the south, colder as you move north and into the mountains
Cities: Stormcrest

Regional Lore: Trade routes through the mountains connect Stormcrest to adjacent regions, but away from these trails the mountains become very hostile. Explorers are under constant threat from wyverns, manticores, and roaming gangs of Orcs. Legend holds that ancient ruins of once-mighty Giant civilizations are dug into the deepest parts of the mountains known as the Cradle of the Earth. However, no expedition has been able to locate the Cradle for hundreds of years. It is widely assumed these ruins have been lost to time, if they ever existed at all.

Stormcrest: The bulk of this Dwarven city is dug into the tallest peak of the Stormbreak mountains, known as The Storm’s Crest, which serves as a physical barrier between Stormcrest proper and the extreme weather conditions originating from Mount Erebus. The summit of The Storm’s Crest is subject to arguably the harshest living conditions on the planet, but houses training facilities for some of the greatest fighters in all of Tanius.

The Wyldwood

Location: Southeast region of Tanius
Denizens: Elves, Gnomes, Halflings
Climate: Temperate to the north, becoming subtropical, and eventually tropical as you go further south.
Cities: Eversong

Regional Lore: The Wyldwood is the ancestral home of Tanius’s Elven population. Travelers in large enough groups are generally safe from harm, but the deeper forest is less hospitable, with standard jungle fauna giving way to more fantastical creatures such as faerie dragons, will-o’-wisps and displacer beasts. It is hard to say what ancient secrets the heart of these woods holds, as most explorers either return raving of magnificent sights and deadly monsters with no evidence to back their claims, or don’t return at all. There are many smaller Elvish and Halfling villages in the outer ring of the forest.

Eversong: Eversong is located in the center of the northern half of the forest at the top of a large hill. Travelers on the main trade routes can actually see the city protruding over the treeline many miles before reaching the steps leading to its entrance. Eversong is likely the longest standing city in all of Tanius (though the Dwarves of Stormcrest often contest this). Many families of great wealth and influence originated in Eversong, and the city’s libraries are filled with tomes of lost arcane knowledge thanks to some of the world’s greatest bards and scribes, who spent their lifetimes trying to chronicle the continent’s history.

The Weirdwood

Location: Southcentral region of Tanius
Denizens: Elves, Gnomes, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, Bullywugs
Climate: Sub-tropical
Cities: None officially mapped.

Regional Lore: The Weirdwood is not often traveled by folks from civilized lands. No large settlements have been built, and this isn’t expected to change in the future. Smaller settlements consisting of lizardfolk, bullywugs, and kobolds have sprouted up, but travelers are advised to avoid them, as the inhabitants react to outsiders with indifference or hostility.

The Grove

Location: Western region of Tanius
Denizens: Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, Elves
Climate: Sub-tropical
Cities: Sixun

Regional Lore: Other than the occasional Orcish incursion coming from the north, The Amber Plains are a largely peaceful region. As a result, the towns and cities here have the most advanced technology in all of Tanius./

Sixun: The majority of the technological advancements in the Amber Plains originates in the Gnomish capitol of Sixun. The universities and companies based here have developed everything from better farming equipment, to advanced armor and weapons, and even to magically suspended airships. Though the city can be restrictive of who actually lives inside its walls, people looking for a more innovative or modern life still flock to the surrounding areas.

The Shimmering Sea: This body of water serves as an aquatic buffer zone between The Grove and The Forest of Broken Spears. Historically the Sixun Navy would attempt to seize any ships originating from the north. However with the rise of Ortnit a fair amount of legitimate trade has begun to travel through the area. The majority of the sea facing defenses still remain operational, however cooperation with Ortnit has alleviated some of Sixun’s defensive responsibilities.

The Amber Plains

Location: Central-West region of Tanius
Denizens: Halflings, Humans
Climate: Temperate
Cities: Denneton

Regional Lore: This temperate region consists of rolling hills and seemingly endless plains. Its inhabitants primarily consist of many peaceful Human towns and Halfling shires that enjoy a peaceful existence away from the political strife embroiling the rest of the continent.

Denneton: Before Endgar was founded, Denneton was considered the central rallying point for the disparate kingdoms in Tanius. Denneton remains the second-largest trade hub, and is widely considered the most important information hub in the entire continent. The human leadership in Denneton has been pivotal in managing the uneasy truce between the newcomers and the natives of Endgar. Both groups have placed a great deal of trust in Denneton’s leaders, but no one doubts their commitment to profiting from the arrangement regardless of the final outcome.

The Forest of Broken Spears

Location: Northwest region of Tanius
Denizens: Orcs, Half-Orcs, Humans, Hobgoblins
Climate: Temperate weather to the south, frigid weather to the north
Cities: Ortnit

Regional Lore: The Forest of Broken Spears has very little written history due to nearly constant warring. The first attempt to chart the forest was cut short when the expedition leader was killed, falling on a broken-off spearhead left behind from a long-ago battle. The various nomadic tribes tend to tear down any attempt at civilization before it has a chance to grow. Most creatures with any interest in civilized life leave this region, usually in favor of Denneton. The destructive history of this region has left ruins scattered across the land. Intrepid adventurers able to avoid the nomadic tribes and hostile creatures can often secure great wealth and powerful artifacts from the rubble.

Ortnit: Ortnit is the most recent attempt at establishing civilization in the Forest of Broken Spears. It was started by groups of Half-Orcs and Humans aspiring to cast aside past transgressions and build a better future for their tribes and families. They settled on the northern shore of Tanius, believing it to be the most defensible location. The city is embedded in a large natural rock formation, granting its inhabitants a considerable advantage against would-be attackers. Although the city has been stable for several years, the limited space, difficult soil, and constant threat of native tribes made it difficult for Ortnit to grow. Furthermore, the Barbarian hordes to the east and the inclement weather originating from Mount Erebus forces merchant ships to take long and costly trade routes.

Hope’s Refuge: Hope’s Refuge is the famed first attempt at taming The Forest of Broken Spears. Much like Ortnit, it was originally created by groups of orcs trying to splinter off of their nomadic tribes. It succeeded for some time, however eventually a massive tribe of orcs seiged the fort and burned it to the ground. Now days the fort serves as a trophy for whichever orcish tribe is able to hold it. As a result a great number of skirmishes are centered around that region.

The Ichor Foothills

Location: Central Tanius Mountain Range
Denizens: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Orcs
Climate: Temperate weather to the south, frigid weather to the north
Cities: Ortnit

Regional Lore: These bloody steppes are where the majority of Tanius Coalition forces are stationed. Watchtowers built along the mountainside provide vantage points for sentries looking for large groups of Orcs attempting to cross the mountain range. These towers were built hundreds of years ago after a massive Orcish horde invaded the Amber Plains, killing, capturing, or driving out nearly everybody in the region. Originally the governments based out of Stormcrest, Denneton, and Sixun were responsible for manning and maintaining the wall; since the Red River Pact was signed, forces from Endgar and Eversong have joined as well.

The Blue Moon Isles

Location: Southwest region of Tanius
Denizens: Human, Half-orc, Half-Elf, Halfling
Climate: Sub-tropical weather in the north and tropical weather in the south
Cities: Barbataria Bay

Regional Lore: The relatively tranquil sailing conditions in surrounding waters have turned these passages into the favored nautical trade route for the kingdoms of Tanius. The high volume of cargo has led to the formation of numerous pirate organizations, who stage from the many islands in the region. With no kingdom-backed armies or militias in the area, the local ports typically grant safe harbor to pirate groups in exchange for protection. This has caused a number of minor wars between pirate crews, often catching the cities’ inhabitants in the crossfire.

Barbataria Bay: Barbataria Bay is located on the largest island of the chain, near the southernmost point of the isles. This is where the most formidable pirate organization is based. Despite it’s infamous reputation for crime, many merchants make attempt to make their fortunes here.

The Veldt

Location: Northeast region of Tanius
Denizens: Human, Half-orc, Dwarf, Orc, Dragonborn
Climate: Varies from temperate badlands, to frozen wasteland the further east you go
Cities: Camp Crozier

Regional Lore: Of all the inhabited regions of Tanius, the Veldt has the most hostile environment. Brutal icy winds sweeping in from Mount Erebus create devastating ice storms that batter the entire region. The eastern half of The Veldt is permanently frozen, and is home to some of the most savage creatures in existence.

Camp Crozier: The greatest warriors in all of Tanius consider The Veldt a proving ground, and the first stop for those looking to test their mettle is usually Camp Crozier. Legendary trappers have earned their place in history by subduing the fearsome beasts that roam the wasteland and transporting them back to civilization. Less accomplished fortune-seekers more frequently end up lining the pockets of those who chose them in the Dead Pool in the tavern.

Mount Erebus

Location: Northeast of continental Tanius
Denizens: Unknown
Climate: Extreme cold with hurricane strength winds
Cities: None

Regional Lore: Ship captains tend to avoid all routes that travel near Mount Erebus due to the highly irregular weather patterns in the area. The mountain is continuously engulfed in hurricane-strength winds originating from the East. It is widely believed that the storms around the volcano are magical in nature. The boldest of adventurers have attempted to explore Mount Erebus; however, nobody has been able to reach the mouth of the volcano and return to tell the tale.

Straits of Tarrasque: This icy passageway between Mount Erebus and the Tanius mainland has never been navigated by a naval vessel. Any ship that sails too close to the mountain is snatched by Erebus’s icy winds, and dragged into the straits’ jagged rocks. Sailors who have experienced this phenomenon have likened the pursuit to “trying to pry open the jaws of a tarrasque with your bare hands.”

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