Drinking and Dragons – A D&D Drinking Game for 5th Edition

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At first glance making a drinking game for dungeons and dragons might seem a little redundant. After all, most tables I know already imbibe a considerable amount of alcohol during a D&D session. However, one of the time honored traditions of being a DM is incorporating some home-brewed rules into your game, so I’m going to take that to the next level.

Below is a set of drinking rules that is sure to result in your table making sound decisions, or at least help elevate their role-play. Since D&D is a group activity we have also made a complementary rule sets for both the player and the DM.

As always please drink responsibly and remember to make sure always arrange for safe passage home.

A player takes a drink whenever:

  • They roll a critical miss
  • They are on the receiving end of a critical hit
  • Their character orders a drink
  • They equip a magical item
  • They fail an ability check
  • They accidentally damage another player
  • They finish crafting a magic item
  • They egregiously meta-game

The DM takes a drink whenever:

  • An NPC or monster rolls a critical miss
  • A hostile or non-hostile NPC is killed in combat
  • The party deviates from the material planned for the session
  • The party completes a battle without taking a point of damage
  • They egregiously meta-game

The table takes a drink whenever:

  • Somebody uses an inspiration token
  • A player is knocked unconscious
  • Whenever a battle is successfully completed
  • Whenever they acquire a magical item
  • A Wild Magic Surge is rolled
  • A player makes awkward sexual advances on another player

A player takes a shot whenever:

  • They roll a critical miss when they have advantage
  • They gain a level
  • They break a magic item in their possession
  • Their player is revived

The DM takes a shot whenever:

  • An NPC or monster rolls a critical miss when they have advantage
  • A Big Bad Enemy Guy(AKA a boss enemy) is killed
  • The party completes a planned battle without taking a point of damage
  • More than half of the planned encounters of a dungeon are skipped

The table takes a shot whenever:

  • A player dies
  • The campaign is completed
  • A non-standard wish spell is cast
  • The entire party is arrested by law enforcement

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