Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 14: Ruin And The Rattay Tournament

Ruin And The Rattay Tournament
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After losing in the Rattay Tournament, we take our rage out(legally) on some nearby bandits before giving the tourney another go.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 14: Ruin And The Rattay Tournament

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
0:20I’m (actually) rich! – (Gameplay)
0:55Selecting my new perks – (Gameplay)
9:41Grabbing breakfast – (Gameplay)
10:45Buying a fancy weapon – Herod’s Sword – (Gameplay)
12:56Buying some fancy armor – (Gameplay)
22:50Getting ready for the day – (Gameplay)
25:00Getting a quest from Captain Bernard – (Gameplay)
26:08Quest Started: Ruin – (Gameplay)
26:28Mapping out the path to the bandit camp – (Gameplay)
27:05Riding to the bandit camp – (Gameplay)
28:15The Bandit Camp – 4 Bandits – (Combat)
30:04Looting the bandit camp – (Gameplay)
31:30Surprise! – 1 bandit runs back to camp – (Combat)
32:39Riding back to Rattay – (Gameplay)
33:04Another bandit!? – 1 Bandit – (Combat)
33:50Riding back to Rattay(for real this time) – (Gameplay)
35:40Quest Turn In: Ruin – (Gameplay)
37:00Rattay Tournament: Round 1 Fight 1 – (Combat)
39:15Rattay Tournament: Round 1 Fight 2 – (Combat)
40:11Rattay Tournament: Round 2 Fight 1 – (Combat)
43:50Rattay Tournament: Round 2 Fight 2 – (Combat)
46:12I lose again… – (Gameplay)
47:23NSFW – Taking a load off at the bathhouse – (Gameplay)
50:20Organizing a bit and reading myself to sleep – (Gameplay)
53:44Outro – (Monologue)

Beefing Up

Still reeling from my defeat in the Rattay Tournament, I dusted off the old hunting bow and took my aggression out on the local wildlife. After another 4 more days or so of hunting and about 20,000 groschen later, I decided to return to the shops and finish up my kit. Not only did I buy a whole host of plate armor, but I was also able to buy the most expensive sword in Rattay(Herod’s Sword).

Anxious to give my new gear a spin, I made my way over to Captain Bernard to see if he had any work that needed to be done.

Ruin – Hunting Bandits In The Woods

The ruin questline actually has multiple parts to it. In this episode we only complete the first part, but in the near future I plan on following up to finish the remaining parts.

The first part of the questline had us tracking down some bandits east of Rattay and bringing them to justice. The process of finding them was easy enough, even on hardcore. The area highlighted on the map was along the river, which made tracking down their camp a pretty straight-forward task.

Once I arrived at the camp, I decided I wanted to put my shiny new gear to the test, so I didn’t really bother to stealthing in. Fortunately, between my fairly honed combat skills and totally overpowered(for this stage of the game) gear, I was able to completely trash the bandit camp. It turns out that being able to use your own gear makes a BIG difference in this game.

Feeling emboldened once again, I made my way back into town, turned in the bandits ears and spurs for some extra spending money, and enrolled in the Rattay Tournament once again.

Rattay Tourney Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Turns out I wasn’t anymore prepared this time than I was last time. In fact, I ended up doing even WORSE than my previous attempt!

I was able to breeze through the first round again, but during the fights in the second round my opponent just fed me master strike after master strike and I ended up losing both rounds.

It has become increasingly clear at this point that my more aggressive style of play is my undoing in the tournament. Even with enhanced stats, counters are still king, so the combatant who is willing to wait will always have the upper hand. For the sake of my(and the viewer’s) sanity I refuse to allow the combat in this playthrough to devolve into a counter fest. So to address this issue I am going to invest some time into really mastering the art of feinting and comboing. As much as I wish that I could just check the tourney off at this point, I think that my struggles in it up to this point are a clear sign that I still need to hone my game-play abilities if I want to make it through this entire game.

Feeling the increasing familiar sting of defeat, I made my way down to the bathhouses so the episode could at least have some kind of a happy ending.

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