Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 15: Al-Buraq and Uzhitz

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Chapter 15 - Al Buraq and Uzhitz
Chapter 16 - Mysterious Ways
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Chapter 18 - Playing With The Devil
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After another tournament failure, we compensate for our loss by buying a new horse, then ride to Uzhitz to continue our quest.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 15: Al-Buraq and Uzhitz

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
0:24Coping with my Rattay Tourney loss – (Monologue)
1:16I am a terrible dog owner – (Gameplay)
3:00I struggle to kill a roe deer – (Gameplay)
4:58The road to Neuhof – (Gameplay)
7:40Horse trading – (Gameplay)
8:20Looking over the horses – (Gameplay)
11:30Buying Al-Buraq – (Gameplay)
12:37Pimping my ride – (Gameplay)
18:30The road to Uzhitz – (Gameplay)
22:18Speaking to Father Godwin – (Gameplay)
25:17Making my plan for the day – (Monologue)
25:55Quest Started: Playing With The Devil – (Gameplay)
27:57Wandering around aimlessly – (Gameplay)
33:14Buying some books – (Gameplay)
34:30More aimless wandering – (Gameplay)
39:30An archery competition! – Master – (Gameplay)
42:44I lose… – (Gameplay)
45:00Outro – (Monologue)

Buying A New Horse

It took me 15 episodes but I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get a new ride. And not just any ride, after making my way to Neuhof, I decided to buy the lightning stallion of Islamic mythological fame Al-Buraq.

I’ll be honest I really wish I didn’t wait so long to do this, because the difference between Pebbles and an S-Tier horse like Al-Buraq is pretty massive. Al-Buraq is about 50% faster, has about 50% more carrying capacity, and around double the stamina of our old sedimentary friend. It really is like switching from a Buick to a Ferrari.

However, the process of assessing and buying horses is a bit unclear if you are doing this for the first time. The main reason I got confused is the game straight up tells you to go and manually check out the horses before making a purchase. While this is definitely the more immersive way to do things, the waters got even muddier when upon inspecting these supposedly superior steeds, all of them appeared to be, at best, a side-grade to old Pebbles.

It turns out, the problem is when inspecting a random horse vs the horse you currently own, stat adjustments provided by your riding skill are not factored in. I was eventually able to figure out what the issue was, but it definitely slowed down the purchasing process. What was even more unfortunate, was the fact that when I finally went to buy the horse, the game did tell you what tier each horse was in before I purchased it. Would have been nice to know that information was there up front, but oh well whats done is done.

And most importantly… I finally have a new horse!

Exploring Uzhitz

I have to admit, it was an absolute joy riding to Uzhitz. The horse was so fast that I could barely keep up with which crossroad I was on, and had so much stamina that I never had to take my hand off the sprint(gallop?) button.

Unforunately my wandering round Uzhitz was pretty much the opposite of my equistrian experience. The town itself doesn’t have much to offer, and I pretty much spent the second half of the episode stumbling around hoping for something to happen. I had a glimmer of hope when I found an archery tournament, but it turns out the skills I had gained from living in the woods for a week were no match for the local Baliff and Head Groom.

I’m optimistic the actual quest-lines coming up should be more interesting, but I am staring to notice that outside of the pre-planned excursions the game is somewhat limited in things to do. I recognize that creating organic systems that are not pre-defined quests, but are similarly compelling is EXTREMELY difficult to do, I was just hoping I would find SOMETHING unique in town before finishing up the session.

Oh well, not every episode can be a win from front to back, but given where the conversations with the priest have gone, the next episode is looking really promising…

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day, week, month, year, and life!

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