Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 16: Mysterious Ways

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Chapter 16 - Mysterious Ways
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Henry spends an evening searching for answers with the local priest. By the end of the night he forgets what questions he was even asking.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 16: Mysterious Ways

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Monologue)
0:38Got to the bar a bit early… – (Gameplay)
2:57Chat with Father Godwin – (Gameplay)
11:40Boozing with Father Godwin – (Cutscene)
12:52Bar fight – (Gameplay)
14:40Ringing the bell – (Gameplay)
15:12The bell tower – (Cutscene)
16:02Chasing sheep – (Gameplay)
16:33The morning after – (Cutscene)
19:45Preparing for the sermon – (Gameplay)
21:38Father Godwin’s Mass – (Cutscene)
24:05Henry gives a sermon – (Gameplay)
27:35The aftermath (after-mass?) – (Cutscene)
30:48Riding back to Rattay – (Gameplay)
35:50Errands in Rattay – (Gameplay)
38:40A quick chat with Theresa – (Gameplay)
39:50Winding down for the day – (Gameplay)
44:45Outro – (Monologue)

Not So Silent or Holy Night

Not gunna lie, this quest was one hell of a ride(pun-intended).

The initial part in the bar is a long-winded segment where Henry and Father Godwin talk through what happened at Skalitz, come to an agreement about what information surrounding the crimes at Neuhof can be shared, and ultimately discuss religion at large. I was happy to see the game implement timed responses in certain parts. While I don’t want every dialog option to be timed, I do hope they get used more heavily as the game progresses.

Once the dialog ends, what follows can only be described as a series of hijinks. Between getting in a bar fight, ringing the church bell in the middle of the night, consorting with Father Godwin’s concubines, and chasing sheep through the fields; This segment is easily the funniest part of the game thus far. It is great to see the game not take itself too seriously, and I hope more of these “just for fun” segments sprinkled throughout the game.

The coup de grace of this quest was when Henry has to give a sermon to Father Godwin’s congregation. This segments requires you to think back to your earlier conversation with Godwin where he describes how Jan Hus, a priest in Prague, speaks to his congregation. These dialog choices mixed with a series speech checks determine if you are successful in inspiring the congregation.

Fortunately, I was able to pull it off, and as a result I was able to get the information I needed to continue the quest.

However, the greatest lesson learned from this quest was that if you are going to give a church sermon, remember to put on some clothes before you do it…

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