Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 04: The Dead Man’s Ring

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Barely clinging to life, Henry wakes up in a mill near Rattay, the most powerful city in the Sasau region. After several weeks of recovery he has a debt to pay to the miller, and some less than scrupulous options to pay it.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 04: The Dead Man’s Ring

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Gameplay)
0:26Taking Inventory – (Gameplay)
3:16A Quick Chat with Miller Peshek and Theresa – (Gameplay)
8:09A Failed Attempt To Find A Shovel – (Gameplay)
10:38Trading For A Bit of Coin – (Gameplay)
12:03Heading Up To Rattay Proper – (Gameplay)
13:42Getting Questioned By Guards – (Gameplay)
14:46Rattay Square – (Gameplay)
16:58Buying A Shovel From The Blacksmith – (Gameplay)
18:39Heading To The Hangman – (Gameplay)
21:56Digging Up A Dead Body – (Gameplay)
22:49First Attempt To Break Into The Hangman’s Home – (Gameplay)
26:33Meeting Back Up With Miller Peshek – (Gameplay)
31:15Second Attempt To Break Into The Hangman’s Home – (Gameplay)
34:01Tricking The Hangman and Stealing The Ring – (Gameplay)
37:01Returning The Ring to Miller Peshek – (Gameplay)
37:30Fencing Stolen Goods – (Gameplay)
39:03Organizing A Bit Then Going To Bed – (Gameplay)

Miller Peshek

The first quest the game throws at you when you wake up is to talk to a man named Miller Peshek. It turns out he has been “running up a butchers bill” with the local potion-maker and is looking to Henry to pay the debt. This doesn’t phase Henry initially, but when he tells Henry that the first step to paying back the debt is to rob a grave near the executioner’s house he starts to have second thoughts. At this point you have a choice to simply pay off the debt another way, or to play along. Although simply paying off the debt would probably be easy enough, I decided to go with this crooked plan and see where it takes me.

My First Trip to Rattay

After agreeing to do the deed, Peshek tells me that there is a shovel lying around somewhere around the mill. Unfortunately for me, I genuinely had no idea where the shovel was. After searching for a couple of minutes, I decided it would probably just be easier for me to go into town and buy one instead of scrounging around the mill.

Once I arrived at the Rattay gates some guards questioned why I was there, but fortunately I was able to convince them I had business with sir Radzig so they let me in without much of a fuss. Once inside all I had to do was track down a blacksmith, and sure enough there was a shovel available to purchase. With the proper tools in hand, I left the Skalitz gates and made my way to the executioners home.

The Dead Man’s Ring

Accessing the grave undisturbed was fairly straight-forward. The executioner was in his home so I was able to dig up the grave very quickly, but the ring was nowhere to be found. After I returned to Peshek to tell him the news, he informed me that I was going to need to steal the ring from his home. He offered to teach me how to pick locks, but at this point I had already had some prior experience stealing goods in Talmburg, so I decided to just take the picks he offered and go straight back to the executioner’s house.

At first I attempted to steal the ring while the executioner was in the home. I tried to lure him out of the house by alerting his dogs and sneaking around, but he never took the bait. Eventually, against Peshek’s advice, I decided to talk to him. After a quick chat I was able to convince him to run to the mill to pick up some grain. With him out of the house, breaking into his storage chests was easy enough, and I left with a small bounty of items as well as the ring.

I immediately returned to the mill and told Peshek of my success. Upon completing the deed Miller Peshek told me to bring the ring to a miller in Kohelnitz. Furthermore, he offered to serve as a fence for stolen goods. Given I had a a rucksack full of ill-gotten goods, I immediately took advantage of this offer. With my inventory clean and daylight waning, I posted up for the night and went to sleep.

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