Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 07: The Prey(Part 1)

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Sir Hanush seems to think that the best way to get two people to make up from a bar fight is to send them on a multi-day trip in the woods with deadly weapons. These truly were simpler times.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 07: The Prey (Part 1)

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Gameplay)
5:36Riding Out With Hans Capon – (Gameplay)
9:23We Arrive At Camp(But I Break The Game First) – (Gameplay)
17:43The Hunt Begins! – (Gameplay)
20:58I Discover I Can’t Quite Use Hans Capon’s Bow… – (Gameplay)
22:52Officially Lost In The Woods – (Gameplay)
24:38Found A Charcoal Burner Camp – (Gameplay)
27:22Made It Back To Camp! – (Gameplay)
28:59My First Bunny Victim – (Gameplay)
37:08My First Deer Victim – (Gameplay)
42:50Finding My Way Back To Camp – (Gameplay)
47:30Claiming Victory – (Gameplay)

We Ride At Dawn

Last episode Sir Hanush decided that the most suitable punishment for Henry and Hans Capon getting in a bar fight with one another was to have them spend time together alone in the woods with deadly weapons. Confident that absolutely nothing could go wrong in this situation, I packed up my things and made my way to the stables up in Rattay to meet my intrepid partner. Hans is already there waiting for me when I arrive. After exchanging some pseudo-pleasantries Hans mounts up no his horse, while Henry and a trio of dogs run on foot along side him.

The hunting grounds themselves are fairly far up north, in the woods between Neuhof and Uzhitz. During the trek Hans does seem to make at least a passing attempt to get to know Henry. However, my decision to prioritize picking flowers during the trek inadvertently cut that dialog short. The distance between myself and Hans fluctuated a lot during this scene and at some point the game decided I didn’t care much for conversation and automatically initiated one of the few fast-travel sequences in Hardcore mode on its own. Oh well so much for pleasantries.

The fast travel sequence ends with the duo arriving at a hunting camp that is already all set up. I’m not clear if this is Hans’ camp, or a camp that is universally available for use, but either way it was loaded up with all kinds of goodies. After fetching Hans some Bacon and wine from the horse saddle, we exchange some words and he declares that the hunt will officially begin in the morning.

When I wake up in the morning Hans is itching it ready to go. Hans offers up some free hunting supplies in a nearby chest(which we gladly accept), sets the ground rules for a little rabbit hunting competition, and then the hunt begins.

We’re Hunting Wabbit

Unfortunately for me, I am a smooth-brain that never decided to look at the stat requirements for the hunting bow I was planning on using. A couple of days prior I had won Hans Capon’s hunting bow off of him in an archery competition, but at this point in time I was too puny to pull back the string. Rather than struggle to kill a rabbit, I decide to swallow my pride and make my way back to camp.

Getting back to camp actually took quite a while! It turns out that the whole “no compass” thing in hardcore mode is a real problem when you are trying to orient yourself in the middle of the woods. However, once I found a charcoal burner camp in the river, I was able to identify where I was on the map, make it back to camp.

Once I had a more level appropriate bow in hand, I made my way back into the woods and the rabbit genocide commenced.

I was actually able to bag a good number of rabbits! I ended up spending as much time as I could pulling in game before heading back to camp. When I spoke with Hans back in camp, I was declared the winner of the competition, and he awarded me with some extra groschen for my efforts.

Then with the warm-up round out of the way, Hans declared it was time to hunt some “real game”.

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