Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 08: The Prey(Part 2)

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Not satisfied by simply murdering sweet innocent bunnies, Hans Capon sets his sights on a some more dangerous game(and possibly even the most dangerous game).

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 08: The Prey (Part 2)

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Gameplay)
1:28Following Hans Into The Woods – (Gameplay)
3:50Hans Shoots A Boar! – (Cutscene)
4:48Chasing The Boar – (Gameplay)
6:10Cumans Have Captured Hans Capon – (Gameplay)
7:10Sneak Attempt – (Gameplay)
7:45I Get Caught – Fight With 2 Cumans – (Gameplay)
13:35Cuman #1 Finally Down – (Gameplay)
14:18Cuman #2 Down! – (Gameplay)
20:11Rescuing Hans Capon – (Cutscene)
22:04The Lords Meet – (Cutscene)
24:56I’m A Part Of The Guard Now!? – (Gameplay)
25:39I GET A HORSE! (Pebbles is BAE) – (Gameplay)
26:55Riding to Neuhof – (Gameplay)
30:05The Scene Of The Crime – (Cutscene)
34:02Outro – (Gameplay)

A Quick Note Before We Begin…

Bottom line up front, moving forward I am going to be changing the format of these write-ups. I did a retrospective of the previous format and came to the conclusion that they aren’t accomplishing what I had hoped they would.

While the write-ups did do a decent job of condensing an hour long episode into a 10 minute read, I want them to be more than a written summary of the episode with a few thoughts spliced in-between. I was hoping the the write-ups would add an extra dimension to the Let’s Play content, but the result was far from that.

So moving forward I am going to take more of an “insights first” approach to the write-ups.

For the most part what this means is that I’m going to discuss the contents of the video under the pretense that the view has watched, or is currently watching the video. Occasionally I’ll add some more context if I feel it is appropriate, but the goal of the new format is to trim away as much duplicative bloat as possible.

So with that out of the way, let’s talk about what happened!

Finally, Some Good Heckin FoodCombat

Hans Capon was captured by Cumans early on in the episode, which lead to a fairly difficult combat sequence! The game does give you a stealth option to free Hans Capon, but unfortunately I was a bit too clumsy to pull it off.

Apart from a few inept bandits on the way to Skalitz, this was the first real combat sequence in this playthrough where I was in real danger. What made it even more challenging was the fact that I actually had to take on two Cumans at once! The first cuman was an armored melee fighter, and the second was primarily a bow user.

I’ll be honest, it is a good thing both of them weren’t melee fighters. Because the second Cuman was content with trying to pick me off from afar, I was able to keep the melee fighters body between the bow user and myself. While this positioning dance did add some difficulty to the encounter, I likely would have been killed outright if I had to fend off two melee combatants at once.

To make matters worse for me, the fact that I went with double speech as my starting stats meant my swings hit like a wet noodle. It took over 5 minutes for me to chip through the first Cuman’s armor and finally bring him down. However, once the big guy went down, I was able to dispatch his less armored bow wielding friend fairly quickly.

One nice benefit of not going the sneaky route was I did get to swipe some additional loot as a result of it. While none of the loot was particularly note-able, this early on in the game I’m happy to stash away anything decently valuable.

Lastly, I decided to try the sequence again offline the stealthy way, and other than missing out on some loot the end result is the same. You go through the same dialog options with Hans, and the plot advances in the exact same way.

Honestly this isn’t a complaint. For new players I would absolutely recommend doing this the stealthy way, but I like that there are multiple multiple ways to solve the problem. What I REALLY appreciate is the game doesn’t give you a heavy-handed explanation of what your options are. The player is left to their own devices to work their way through the situation, which is far more immersive than the game spelling it out for you.

Henry Gets A Promotion(And A Horse Of Course!)

Having successfully rescued a member of the nobility, the higher-ups are now looking at Henry in a bit of a different light. So when Henry asks to get more actively involved in the knightly activities around town, the nobility is more willing to cut him in. Better yet, they decide to give him a horse as well!

Although getting the horse is a HUGE boon from an exploration stand-point, I still don’t consider this the point in the game where things fully “open up”. You are still missing some pretty key combat skills that can only be unlocked by additional training sessions with Captain Bernard. Unfortunately, he is a part of the detatchment of soldiers sent to investigate the situation in Uzhitz. So this means that until he is relieved of is duties there, Henry cannot finish his training.

So I decide to keep following the main quest for now, but I’m not gunna lie at this point I’m itching to roam free….

If you have ideas around how I can improve my videos, please reach out to me on twitter via @GrowUpAndGame.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day, week, month, year, and life!

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