Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode 06: Keeping The Peace

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Now that Henry knows how to use a weapon, he takes the next logical step in applying that knowledge. By going on patrol and using his skills on his own people.

[G^G] Kingdom Come Deliverance – Hardcore Mode – 06: Keeping The Peace

Episode Index

0:00Intro – (Gameplay)
0:38How To Watch The City By Professor Nightingale – (Gameplay)
1:53My Watch Begins – (Gameplay)
2:44Drinking On The Job – (Gameplay)
4:44Mediating A Dispute – (Gameplay)
7:17The Booze Really Starts Kicking In… – (Gameplay)
9:10Okay I’m Hammered… – (Gameplay)
15:46Just What I Need, Another Drink – (Gameplay)
16:22A Game of Dice – (Gameplay)
20:21Ringing The Closing Bell – (Gameplay)
23:18Closing Out The Tavern – (Gameplay)
23:52Arguing With Hans Capon – (Cutscene)
26:00Getting In A Bar Fight With Hans Capon – (Gameplay)
26:45Sir Hanush Breaks Things Up – (Cutscene)
28:51The Hangover – (Gameplay)
33:48Talking To Theresa About A Mutt – (Gameplay)
37:00Now I Have A Dog! – (Gameplay)

Daytime Patrol

I pick things back up standing next to my partner for the day’s patrol, a guard named Nightingale. This quest seems to be designed to serve as a bit of a guided tour of Rattay. What is the one thing that can make turn a good tour into a great tour you might ask? Alcohol of course!

Turns out I still had the spirits that Miller Peshek gave me. I was already buzzing a bit from some savior schnapps, so I figured what the heck lets pound some booze and fully unlock my dispute resolution potential.

Things actually started off going pretty well! I ran into a Skalitz Refugee who had turned to begging arguing with the local armorer. Fortunately, wine is a performance enhancing drug when it comes to conflict mediation so I was able to make every fast-friends lickity split. Emboldened by my successful foray into diplomacy, I proceeded onward.

Then I started to stumble a bit. A few minutes later I started stumble A LOT. I watched as the alcohol meter began to creep ever higher. Despite the fact that I had stopped drinking a while ago, my vision continued to blur, and my steps become more erratic. I started to wonder if momentarily dropping my guard would cost me my job and my reputation before it had even begun. During this whirlwind of emotion I saw Nightingale was talking to a begger, but I didn’t care. Fortunately he was able to handle the situation without my involvement, so I did the best I could to look poised and confident as the tendrils of intoxication continued to tighten their grip.

However, as we started to make our way to our next stop a miracle happened, I started to sober up. Granted I wasn’t feeling the best, but my vision was slowly returning to normal, and I was starting to walk in straighter and straighter lines. The rest of the patrol was fairly uneventful until we reached the tavern. Upon arrival Nightingale said words that sent a shiver down my spine.

“Let’s have a drink.”


I knew I was tempting fate, but in the end I decided to sit at the table and steel myself for the devil’s drink. Fortunately, this didn’t seem to have much of an impact from a game-play stand-point. We chat a bit about life, play a game of dice known as Farkle.

Without going into the rules in detail the game can be summed up as a modified version of Yahtzee. You throw 6 dice, get points depending on the various combos and sets the dice present, and keep pushing your luck until you decide you have enough points for the round, or until you get a no-score turn and forfeit all of your points for the round. So there is a bit of a risk management element to it, but for the most part it is blind luck.

I end up getting unreasonably lucky and win despite some mistakes, and before I know it day turns into night.

Closing Bell

My last task of the day is to ring the bell saying curfew is in place, then to go and make sure the tavern is closed up. Ringing the bell was easy enough, but unfortunately when I got back to the tavern Hans Capon the privileged prick we all know and love was busy taking advantage of the two-tiered justice system.

The game itself didn’t really give me a whole lot of options from a role-playing sxtandpoint, but the good news is it didn’t really have to. Before long Henry and Hans Capon were exchanging harsh words, followed quickly by some hard punches.

The fight it is quickly broken up but Lord Hanush, and fortunately he seemed to be more pissed off at Hans than he was at Henry. As a form of punishment, Hanush spoils the hunting trip Hans had planned for the next morning by forcing Henry to be his page on the journey. Hans and Henry begrudgingly agree to the terms, and after a few more quips the scene comes to an end. Somewhat defeated and very hung-over, I guide Henry back to the mill to retire for the night.

A Dog Named Mutt

Before going to bed, I decide to take Nightingale’s advice from an earlier conversation and pay Theresa a visit. I have a couple of dialog choices, including kicking off a full fledged DLC quest, but instead I decided to talk about the dog named Mutt that followed us from Skalitz back to The Mill.

After an extended sales pitch from Theresa talking about how good of a boy Mutt is, Henry decides to take ownership of the dog. The game then gives you a prompt explaining how to care for your dog so he can one day join the Westminster Kennel Club.

Satisfied with my progress for the day, I head to bed and turn in for the night.

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