G^G Site Blog #3 – I Hate Houses Edition

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in and make sure everyone knows that I am in fact NOT dead, but simply do not have time in the near term to run with my usual blogging cadence.

It turns out that buying a house is a terrible soul sucking procedure that I recommend to nobody. The process of touring houses, bidding on houses, option period inspections, buyer approval, and closing has more or less eliminated any free time I have outside of work.

The good news is, I am coming up on the end of this process. Which means I will totally have all my free time back and not be consumed with moving and furnishing my new home. Right?

However, before the quest for a home was in full swing I was able to carve out some time to write a glut of new content.

A Wild (and new!) Content Stream Has Appeared

Given my focus on D&D content, some of you might have been surprised to see a smattering of E3 coverage over the course of the past few weeks. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit surprised I ended up writing it. However, I found myself with an unexpected bounty of time during the first day of the conference so I jumped on the opportunity.

The Biz – E3 2018

It is worth noting that this format is highly experimental. I do have a long term goal of expanding my video game coverage, but I don’t want to simply re-hash what others already do. Long story short I want to find a novel approach to gaming coverage that bring value to the reader, and my current content isn’t there yet. However, if you have any interest in my thoughts on the above titles, then I encourage you to read the articles above.

The Questionably Qualified Podcast

We were finally able to record our podcast! In our inaugural episode John and I discuss the QQ/G^G re-alignment, and dig into some of the latest developments in games and movies that caught our interest.

We are still cleaning up the format somewhat, and would love to get your (ideally constructive) feedback on our first episode!

Admittedly John had to kind of carry me through this episode. His experience from his previous work podcasting about Sports, Politics, and Game of Thrones definitely showed. Fortunately for me he is willing to hold my hand through the podcasting process while I get my feet under me.

We are hoping to record our next episode sometime in the next two weeks, so keeps your eyes open for new episodes!

Dungeons and Dragons – Campaign Journals and Future Plans

On the D&D front I was only able to finish a single campaign journal.

At time of writing, the second campaign journal is sitting in a half-written state. With some luck I should be able to find some time to finish writing it soon, but future journals will be on hold for a bit until I I am able to do some catch-up work on the live campaign. As much fun as it is re-hashing the past, I need to make sure writing these journals doesn’t impact my ability to proceed with the campaign.

Unless I get lucky, it will likely be a few more weeks I publish my next article. I hope to have the first draft of my (yet to be disclosed) king size D&D home brew up in the next month or so. It will likely need some serious iteration, but so far I like the way it is shaping up.

Closing Thoughts

I have a couple other ideas for content streams that I am kicking around, but they will likely not be able to take form until the assault on my free-time has relented.

In the mean time feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @GrowUpAndGame if you have thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns!

Later everyone!

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