G^G Site Blog #4 – I Should Have Just Eloped Edition

So it turns out that kicking the can down the road on major tasks can only work for so long. Meesh and I had been thoroughly enjoying our time in post-engagement/pre-wedding limbo, but now that the time before our wedding is being measured in weeks rather than months, things are getting a bit hectic.

The good news is, most of these major tasks are officially behind us! Sure there are still things that need to be done seemingly every day, but after a few months of being more or less 100% allocated during and after work, we’ve finally found some breathing room.

Video Killed The RadioBlogging Star

While all of the D&D and Gateway Games material I have made thus far is great, I have been looking for a way to diversify my content portfolio. As a result I decided to take a bold step in a new direction, video on demand and (maybe eventually) streaming.

At time of writing I have officially record 5 youtube videos, published them, and wrote companion articles for each one of them.

The first batch of videos was a first-impression series covering the Satisfactory Alpha weekend. You can find my detailed thoughts on the game in the articles listed above, but the short version is I LOVED it and I am kind of going through withdrawal right now.

In an attempt to combat that withdrawal, I decided to jump into another fairly system focused game called Tavern Tycoon. All in all I’ve been having fun with the game, and it has proven to be an effective distraction while I wait for the Satisfactory early access to get here. I plan on recording at least a few more videos on it, but will likely be setting it aside once I can get my Satisfactory fix again.

D&D, Gateway Games, and Battlestations

I haven’t forgotten about the other content streams either! Before I branched off in these new directions, I was able to get a pair of D&D campaign journals done, along with a new gateway games article, and a how-to article on creating an excessive(ly awesome) multi-monitor setup.

Of the three content streams here, the one that will be getting the most attention is the campaign journal. While I like trying new things, I simply have too much of a content backlog in that area to let it sit for an extended period of time.

Closing Thoughts

Rather than put these site updates on some type of regular cadence, I think I am going to switch to a format of only posting updates when I think there is something worth sharing. I’m guessing this will result in updates roughly every 2-3 months, but truthfully I won’t be able to reliably predict the cadence until after my wedding.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or thoughts about life, or whatever; feel free to reach out to me on Twitter via @GrowUpAndGame!

Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone has a great rest of their day, week, month, year, and life!

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