Tavern Tycoon – Episode 04: Winter Is Coming

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Finally a challenge! After breezing through the third level of Tavern Tycoon, I got caught with my pants down in the 4th level!

Let’s Play Tavern Tycoon – Episode 04: Winter Is Coming

Episode Index

1:25Initial Build
9:03Build Complete
15:18That’s not on the menu…
22:04I… Lost!?
23:39Attempt 2 – Initial Build
28:27Attempt 2 – Build Complete
40:35Attempt 2 – Positive Reviews!
44:50Attempt 2 – Hotel Expansion
49:08Attempt 2 – Spa Expansion
50:00Attempt 2 – Autopilot Engaged
56:42Attempt 2 – Year 1 End
1:01:55Attempt 2 – We win!

I was totally caught off guard by how much of a negative impact not having my recipes researched could have. In my first play-through I ended up losing the level due to my reputation falling down to 0. The majority of my reputation losses were due to me not having a full set of recipes for the patrons to choose from. Now I don’t know if I just pulled a really unlucky draw and got back to back to back to back requests for un-researched recipes, but either way I was shocked at how fast it took me down.

On the second play-through I adjusted my strategy a bit. The first thing I did was put a hold on serving food. As far as I can tell people get upset more slowly waiting around for food than they do when you don’t have the right food to serve them. This also had the added bonus of pushing all of my maidens into the research lab. This helped me push out the new recipes much more quickly than I would have otherwise.

Moving forward I think that is going to be my standard start. Create a research lab, stuff it with a few more stoves, and put every maiden on my staff in there. Once the fist recipe has been kicked out, I can start slowly rolling out food.

While I actually am kind of pleased that I lost, I still think it was kind of a cheap loss. Maybe it was standard operating procedure for a tavern in the middle ages to cook whatever people ask for even if it isn’t on the menu, but from a game-play perspective there wasn’t much real warning that you were about to face foodie wrath.

However, despite my misgivings around how I lost, I am still glad that at level 4 the game found a new and interesting way to challenge the player. I just hope as the game progresses there is better communication around the impact of changing game mechanics.

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