Tavern Tycoon – Episode 05: Dungeon Is Not An Exception

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After taking a bit of a break to play a whole bunch of Satisfactory, I decided that it was time to accept that job offer Lord Peter gave me a few weeks ago.

Having successfully franchising The Hasty Loft in the rich side of town, I have been unseated from my position in high society, and will now be opening up a tavern in a dungeon.

Let’s Play Tavern Tycoon – Episode 05: Dungeon Is Not An Exception

Having learned my lesson on how much you can get knocked for not having recipes researched, I decided to take a similar approach to level. Instead of offering food right away, I loaded up the research room with stoves and hired every maiden I could to unearth the world’s greatest culinary secrets.

This level took a bit longer than I expected, mostly due to the fact that I was running it at normal speed the majority of the time. I was taking great care to not over-invest right away, and my cautiousness paid off. Had I not managed my cash reserves effectively, I would have almost certainly lost.

There was a point towards the middle where my funds were getting low and I was hit by an earthquake. I actually ended up essentially hiring “temp workers” in the form of a bunch of handymen to solve the immediate issue, then immediately fired them once the tavern was back on it’s feat.

Oh yeah by the way THERE ARE EARTHQUAKES IN THE GAME NOW!? Now this is my kind of wrinkle!

I am still not 100% sure why the earthquake seemed to focusing on wrecking everything in my main room, but overall I feel like the mechanic was simple enough to grasp. I hope in the next few levels we see more fairly overt mechanics such as earthquakes to spice things up.

Other than earthquakes another mechanic the game added was additional populations that are were not allowed on premises. Part of the reason I kept things slower was because I was constantly hunting for members of the city watch, because catching them(along with Vincent Adultman) was worth a solid reputation boost.

However, my most important discovery was actually a mechanic that had been available all along! You can actually restrict what tasks each worker performs if you want people focusing on certain activities. For example when a lot of people had sat down waiting for food, I went through several of my maidens and turned off the “research” task so they would immediately go take care of those customers.

Overall I think this level was really well designed, and it fit basically perfectly into the games challenge curve. It was just tough enough that I sweat a little bit towards the middle, but the challenges were obvious enough that I didn’t feel cheated like I did in level 4.

Last but not least, with this level in the books I am officially half way through the regular game!

If you have ideas around how I can improve my videos, please reach out to me on twitter via @GrowUpAndGame.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your day, week, month, year, and life!

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