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After 9 long days of not being able to play Satisfactory, Coffee Stain finally released the early access version.

So I decided to take the initiative, clear my schedule, and build some friggin factories.

[G^G] Satisfactory Early Access – Episode 01: Planetfall

Satisfactory First Impressions – Episode 01

Apart from it’s ability to make awesome puns, this particular title continues to impress.

At least when it comes to playing in a single player capacity, the game has been very stable. I haven’t run into any major game crashes or performance drops in either the Alpha or Early Access sessions. However, for the most part I have just hung out near the home base, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into problems in some of the more remote areas.

As far as this episode goes, while I didn’t really break new ground in relation to my Alpha coverage, I definitely accomplished it much more quickly. I am actually very glad I decided to restart my game, because it did a great job of reinforcing my knowledge of the early game.

One observation I made is that the player themselves is actually quite the factory on their own, at least when it comes to basic structures. There is a pretty strong case early on to not even bother building factories until at least Tier 4 so you can build the Miner Mark 1. At the point you’ll definitely benefit from setting up some basic automation, but before that it is pretty much a waste of time.

Final Thoughts

Can I just quit my job and keep playing?

If you have ideas around how I can improve my videos, please reach out to me on twitter via @GrowUpAndGame.

I hope you enjoyed my content, and until next time… stay efficient everyone!

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