Satisfactory Early Access – Episode 04: Let’s Build A Multi-level Factory

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With the exploration bug out of my system, I decided to go back to focusing on building factories! The Space Elevator currently calls for the production of several advanced components.

The bad news was the components required would easily surpass my capacity to produce iron. However, the good news was there was an untapped pure iron deposit right by the hub with my name on it.

[G^G] Satisfactory Early Access – Episode 4: Let’s Build A Multi-level Factory

Impressions from Episode 4 – This Game Is Three Dimensional

This episode was focused entirely on the construction of new buildings, many of which featured more advanced materials. The process of making factory chains more efficient is also becoming much more challenging. While I welcome the challenge, I think I may have underestimated it a bit going into the episode.

I actually ended up cutting the episode before I really wanted to. My goal was to have all of the assembler parts working, but it was clear that I was going to have to rethink a few things before I hit that point so I called it quits.

I actually ended up playing more after I stopped recording, and my assumptions were correct. It took a solid hour of fine tuning to get things really where I wanted to be. To make matters worse all of my efforts may need to be re-worked as I am a hairs breadth from unlocking the next upgrade tiers.

However, it wasn’t all for naught. I actually learned a fair bit about how space clearance works, and how to use conveyor poles to move materials around, and how to manage large power grids.

Lessons Learned

  1. When in doubt, build up!
  2. Resist the craving to have a perfectly designed factory, at least initially. Any plans you make now will be re-done as new features become available.
  3. Iron Plates and Reinforced Iron Plates aren’t the same thing…
  4. Don’t forget to keep restocking the MAM.
  5. Start your hub upgrades sooner rather than later. When your production starts to outpace the upgrade requirements you might end up standing around a while.

If you have ideas around how I can improve my videos, please reach out to me on twitter via @GrowUpAndGame.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to log back in for a bit so this is where we will leave off for the time being. I hope you enjoyed my content, and until next time… stay efficient everyone!

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